The story of Bøgedal Brew is a story of love and passion; love of each other, of family values and a quest for a life in harmony, combined with a true passion for artisan craftsmanship – and beer! It is also the story of two people who followed their hearts to live life to the fullest. It is the story of Gitte and Casper.

Off the beaten tracks, hiding in a beautiful corner of Vejle Ådal in Denmark, we find Bøgedal Brew romantically situated in an old farmhouse from 1840. This is the family home of Casper Vorting and Gitte Holmboe, who founded Bøgedal Brew in 2004.

“We believe in taking good care of our heritage both as a family and as a company. We have found a treasure trove of flavors in the original barley preserved by Nordic Gene Bank, which we now grow in the fields around the farm. This is one of the secrets behind our brew.”

Bøgedal Brew is the only ‘all-gravity’ brewery in Scandinavia, where the artisan beer is made using an all-natural process. The water from the spring is boiled over an open fire, using local wood as fuel. The technique is an attraction in itself and another of the secrets to the exquisite flavor, strong and rich which makes Bøgedal Brew among the best artisan beers.

“The copper kettle is shaped like a large bull’s head because our brewery is in the old cowshed, where my parents raised dairy cows when I was a child,” Casper continues, “so it was a fun thing to do when we were establishing the first production facilities.”

When experimenting with the first brews, Gitte soon learned that she has a unique ability to taste the fine notes in the beer and she develops new flavors by adding natural ingredients like nettles, elderflowers or spices to make each batch unique. “Each brew is only yielded about 500 bottles and because it is an all-natural process, it never comes out the same even when we follow the same recipe,” Gitte says laughing.

Many compare the taste of the first brew with champagne or top quality white wine. It is a delicate experience with interesting flavor notes that appear clean and clear side by side. Each brew is unique and identified by the batch number on the label, along with specific details of production, such as the type of beer and the hops that are used.

“We never compromise, which I think you can taste in our beer. And even though our beer is among the most expensive artisan beers around, we have succeeded in exporting to connoisseurs all around the world from the US to Japan and Australia.”

“The learnings we have are to always follow our passion, this is our way to live life to the fullest. It is not always the easy path nor a straight line, but it is worth it.”

You can explore more about Gitte, Casper, and Bøgedal on and maybe find one of their exquisite brews in a restaurant or fine wine shop close to you?

///Image credits: Kristian Septimius Krogh /// Jesper /// Svein Kǰøde