Behind the collection

The lead designer behind the new Kilsgaard collection is Cathrine Haugerud. She’s sharing her thoughts behind the collection

Q: What’s your main idea with the new Kilsgaard collection?


A: For a long time, I’ve had this idea of creating a clean-cut collection of new evergreens. A range of frames that are expressive, but in a different way. In a more subtle way. There’s a lot of ways to do that. Through material choices and by adding little details.

 Q: Is that what makes the collection different?


A: For sure. We’ve made absolutely no compromises with the level of quality in this collection. Combined with the boldness in the design and the understated coolness this results in frames that are really unique.


Q: So, why have you chosen to only work with exclusive materials?


A: When the different designs are subtle and clean-cut, you’ll start noticing the material and the detailing much more. The richness of the patterns, the colours and the tactility becomes much more important.


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Q: Is that what you mean, when you state that ‘Honesty is timeless’?


A: When you take away all the unnecessary decoration and paves the way for a clear and confident design language, you’ll achieve a strong and timeless expression. That’s where the honesty comes in.


Q: Is honest design great design?


A: I think it is. Balancing function and good looks. Carving away all unnecessary elements.


Q: You’ve been in this industry for quite a while. Can you keep creating on that premise?


A: Sure… however, it’s also important to experiment and push limits, when that makes sense. I have a constant fascination of what frames can do for our expression of style and personality and that’s what keeps me going.