Q: Tell us about your art - the passion and creativity behind the processes.

M: My work is about a story and a vision. That’s where it all comes from. A fierce urge to create.

My approach to art is driven by color vibrations and form expression and about the relationship between lines, colors, space and movement.

When I'm in this space, time flies - and I have the opportunity to create something unique. It's the process that's really interesting. It's all very process oriented, in one way or another.



There is enormous freedom and satisfaction in being able to do everything yourself. Right from stretching the canvas and letting the home build brushes slide over the woven cotton canvas, to making the frames for the artworks. In between the colors of the works, the woven threads in the cotton canvas are often visible and an integrated part of my works. They contribute to the texture in a very calming way.

Q: How about the source of inspiration. I get the feeling you are not in any way static.

M: Sometimes sketches and ideas precede a work. Other times it just happens. You never know the day before it ends. Sometimes it starts well. When something in the process is interesting, I go with the flow and that's how something new arises, then it develops, and then it collapses, and then you just start all over again the next day. There are many strategies to get back up and running. And I sometimes feel like it's a drama every single time.

Therefore, the process also becomes an aesthetic strategy for me. The works often open up and discover themselves and develop bit for bit.

My head doesn't revolve around much other than art. New compositions, colors or new ways of understanding the works. When I'm not in the studio, it's also what on my mind.

Listening to new music or rediscover old records from the pile, new ideas or moods can arise which may be followed by the creation of a work. It is through these lenses that I experience my everyday life.