DO IT WITH PASSION staying true to simplicity
and elegance is the essence of KILSGAARD.
It is our Danish heritage, it runs in our veins,
less is always more, except when we
talk about passion. 

This is our fourth volume of the KILSGAARD Journal and we proudly welcome you to explore our world, where passion and love makes our hearts beat, every day. Passion drives all we do and when we design eyewear, we design great looks for the people we love and care about. We don’t follow trends and dogmas to be hip or fashionable, but stay grounded in simply elegant design, which never goes out of style.

As always, our new collection is made to be evergreens not fashion statements. We have named the new concepts after classic and truly hip landmarks in London, because London is the place where classics meet the future; the melting pot of contemporary, crazy, wild yet very conservative design. This fuels and sparks creativity and makes us smile. Our London fling and spots of inspiration are highlighted later in this journal.

HAYLEY Col. 1522 & THEWICK Col. 9021